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Human Layer Security: How To Reduce Risk If Awareness Training Fails

It’s important to note that the human firewall is a key component to email security, with awareness training being vital to the overall security and dramatically reducing the risk of attack. However, 88% of data loss/breaches are caused by personnel, proving that trained staff still can make mistakes.

We recently teamed up with Tessian to offer a fresh perspective to email security in our recent webinar ‘Human Layer Security: How To Reduce Risk If Awareness Training Fails”. We pride ourselves on offering educational, non-salesy and current webinars and we were delighted that we got the chance to work with Tessian, one of our newest partners, on this webinar.


Click here to watch the webinar recording.


The Webinar Agenda:

  1. Introduction: What is Human Layer Security
  2. Common Pitfalls: Why traditional solutions and awareness training have failed in the past
  3. Data Breaches: Stop human error and malicious insiders
  4. Evolving Email Attacks: Defend against sophisticated spear-phishing
  5. Machine Learning: The Latest Capabilities in email security
  6. Implementation: A multi-layered approach to email security


Further Information:

The State of DLP Report: Click to view.
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