A firewall management service is often a consideration when refreshing network infrastructure for any reason, such as for one of these:

Cloud Migration | Network Segmentation | Insurance Requirements

At Data Connect, we’re security focused, offering end-to-end cyber security services. This means we’re your security partner as well your network specialist. With the flexibility of having a fully or co-managed service and 24×7 support, and with the option of adding our managed detection and response (MDR) service, you can rest assured that we’ll maximise your investment.

Opting to work with us gives you control over and visibility of your security posture, plus the external verification that such an important asset is both secure and efficient. Not only is our team fully certified by renowned vendors but also they have the practical security experience and threat knowledge that can be translated into the relevant configurations and security settings.


As the reliance on network infrastructure is ever-increasing, the complexity and importance of configuring and maintaining these devices becomes far greater. While uptime is the main priority, this can leave you with compromised configuration, resulting in windows of exposure and the heightened risk of a cyber attack. Ensure that optimisation and performance are at the forefront by utilising our managed service, which provides peace of mind.


Access the vSOC Connect Console for complete transparency and control over your cyber security. View key metrics, drill down on specific devices and manage support tickets all in one place.


We work with a large portfolio of security and network vendors, such as Palo Alto Networks, Fortinet and Check Point. When recommending technology, integrity is vital, which is why we only recommend tech we’ve tried and tested first.


To ensure business continuity, we deliver a proactive and responsive approach to firewall management. We diligently monitor the uptime of devices, troubleshooting problems rapidly when they arise and continuing until a solution has been found.


To boost the performance and security of your devices, we deliver a plethora of service features, such as unlimited security patching, regular security health checks, rule-base reviews and frequent backups.


Maximise your security with round-the-clock security incident and alert monitoring from our MDR service, vSOC Alert. This add-on is overseen by our experienced SOC team and is powered by cutting-edge technology, Google Chronicle, taking your security to the next level.

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We’ve simplified our user-experience journey by giving you easy access to our support desk team through our innovative portal. We’re proud to share that, on average, we’re able to respond to support tickets within 25 minutes or less.

vSOC Connect Console

vSOC Connect Console

Our vSOC services are all integrated into a single pane of glass: the vSOC Connect Console. This gives you full transparency, provides crucial insight and allows you to oversee your organisation’s complete cyber security posture.

Whether you choose our co-managed or fully managed firewall service, you’ll have full visibility of your infrastructure. This is a sophisticated, dynamic and powerful set of security tools that’s shown to you in a sleek and user-friendly design. Through it, you can do the following:

  • Access an overview of the vital metrics for your organisation’s entire infrastructure
  • Drill down on individual devices (to view status, health and backup information)
  • Download the latest firewall configuration backups with one click
  • Use the console as a hub to interact with our support desk team, raise technical support tickets or track previous issues raised

vSOC Alert

vSOC Alert is our next-generation Managed, Detection and Response service, which enables 24×7 security monitoring across your infrastructure. Utilising cutting-edge security technology and advanced threat feeds, our elite SOC team has ‘eyes on’ your systems and users to identify malicious behaviour or signs of compromise by an attacker before it’s too late. vSOC Alert has been designed to provide speed of response and defined actions to stop a cyber attack in its tracks – all day, every day.

Why Data Connect?

The quality of service we provide at Data Connect means we’re a long-term security partner for most of our customers. Our established industry experience means we understand and know how to help resolve the challenges organisations face. Don’t take our word for it – arrange to talk to some of our customers.

  • End-to-end firewall services and network services
  • Continuous visibility through our vSOC Connect Console
  • Work with our highly experienced and qualified technical team


vSOC Alert
vSOC Aware
vSOC Recon


One common issue is a zero or minimal feature adoption. This means that your firewall may have the latest features but are not being utilised. Often, the reasons why they are not being utilised is either that they have not been configured or, simply, not been turned on.

According to Gartner Research, 95% of all firewall breaches are caused by misconfiguration and not flaws. Therefore, it is essential to adhere your firewall to best practises on a regular basis in order to keep the security posture of your next-gen firewall at a maximum level.

At Data Connect, we provide customers with a portfolio of firewall and network services including:

  • Secure network design
  • Network segmentation
  • One time health checks | rule-review | feature optimisation

If you would like to find out more, please visit our firewall and network services page.