The Virtual Security Operations Centre providing 360°  visibility

Evaluating cyber security risk, driving strategic improvement and providing business assurance

Tailored Security

Customers can choose a blend of consultancy and managed services to meet their individual cyber security needs. vSOC Connect offers a single pane of glass where all services can be integrated, managed and monitored to offer 360° visibility.

For 16 years, cyber security has been our core focus which is why we understand that no cyber security strategy is identical and that flexibility for your security services is crucial.  

Issues we see

Reasons to get in touch
  • Concern Around Cyber Attacks
  • Compliance Headaches
  • Security Skills Gaps
  • Limited Time & Resource
  • 'Product Only' Approach
  • Blindspots to Risk Exposure

How we help

What Data Connect Do
  • One Platform for Total Visibility
  • Strategic Managed Services
  • Specialist Technical Recourse
  • Security Strategy Planning
  • Drive Project Success
  • Streamline Certification Process

What you get

Advantages and benefits
  • Cyber Attack Risk Reduction
  • Business Assurance
  • External Verification
  • Visibility of Progress
  • Maximise Investment
  • SOC Team Support

vSOC Connect Console

Laptop vSOC Dashboard View

Our purpose built platform provides the tools you need to effectively manage your organisation’s cyber security. 

The vSOC Connect Console is your single pane of glass for all stakeholders to correlate vital metrics and security posture.   

A built-in Executive dashboard that allows full visibility over your organisation’s cyber security strategy, solutions and protocols. 

Advanced analytics and reporting for IT that allows for the identification of risks and strategic planning improvements. 

Streamline and automate industry certification and governance progress through a real-time dashboard. Boost your chances of maintaining standards and advanced cyber maturity with ongoing support.  

Use as a compliance aid to organise people, processes and technologies. 

Managed Services

vSOC CERT Data Connect


Use our Cyber Essentials Review Tool to stay compliant, monitor vulnerabilities, track progression & view remediation requirements
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vSOC Manage

vSOC Manage

Managed infrastructure gives peace of mind that systems are up to date, configured and backed up with support from our SOC
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vSOC Recon

vSOC Recon

Assess, Prioritise and Manage Software and Configuration Vulnerabilities
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VSOC Alert

vSOC Alert

Proactive threat monitoring, adhere to compliance requirements and breach detection
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vSOC Aware

vSOC Aware

Reduce the Risk of human error with our Awareness Training & Phishing Simulations
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vSOC Aim


Working with you to Assess, Improve and Maintain your cyber security posture
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Consultancy Services

Professional Services

Cyber Security Assessment

Certifications & Compliance


Penetration Testing

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