"We want all organisations to have affordable access to the same security skills, support and advanced technology as large enterprises with the resources, experience and budget."

Data Connect Directors 

About us

Quite often organisations are simply under-resourced when it comes to IT improvement projects and this is often more so in relation to Cyber Security. On this basis we are here to help our customers meet their cyber security objectives and drive improvements.

Since Data Connect started in 2005, our focus has been to help organisations improve their cyber security posture. We provide assurance through our consultancy led approach, our managed services and product offerings help bridge any gap to reduce risk from cyber attacks.

Protected Cyber Security

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Our vSOC Connect portal allows you to manage your security from a single pane of glass.


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We care about our customer’s privacy and security which is why we do not publicly highlight the organisations we work with. However, our customers are happy for us to set up a chat with you.  Please contact us today to set up your call.