When a vulnerability is taken advantage of to cause intended consequences.

610 January 11, 2023

In terms of security, an event is something that is interesting that you believe is worth recording for later reference or reporting.

609 January 11, 2023
Ethical Hacker

An ethical hacker is a security expert who, with the authorisation of an organisation, penetrates their computer system, network, application or other...

608 January 11, 2023
End user device (EUD)

These are your smartphones, laptops and tablets that connect to your organisation’s network.

607 January 11, 2023
Encryption Algorithm

This is the mathematical formula that is used to encrypt data.

606 January 11, 2023

To encrypt information is to make it unreadable to all except for those with the key to decode it.

605 January 11, 2023
Egress Filtering

This is the process of filtering outbound network traffic in order to prevent internal data from leaving the organisation’s systems.

604 January 11, 2023