Awareness Training

This is a programme designed to assist users and employees to develop their understanding of their role into reducing information security breaches....

562 January 11, 2023

The process of confirming the identify of an individual who is trying to access and use a computer system.

561 January 11, 2023
Audit Trail

While an audit log is data from one application or system, an audit trial is a combination of multiple logs in which...

559 January 11, 2023
Audit Log

Logs are stored from applications and systems which track all actions taking place. This can be extremely beneficial to security teams who can...

558 January 11, 2023
Attack Signature

A series of events that take place in order to carry out an attack which can be analysed to identify the perpetrator...

556 January 11, 2023

An actor with malicious intentions who aims to exploit systems by taking control, disrupting, damaging, stealing or manipulating data/systems. Attackers can either...

555 January 11, 2023

An asset can take many forms, it can be hardware, software, data or any other valuable component within an IT environment.

554 January 11, 2023
Anti-Virus Software

A type of software that prevents a computer from being infected with viruses/malware by scanning, detecting and removing the malware. Also known...

553 January 11, 2023
Allow List

A system will only permit specific connections which have been identified within a database or ‘list’. For example, the list can contain...

552 January 11, 2023

In cyber security, an alert is often an automated notification from your security systems to highlight an event which could impact the...

551 January 11, 2023
AIM (Data Connect Term)

An acronym for assess, improve and maintain.  Assess: Review and identify key security areas of risk. Seeking out opportunity for improvement and...

549 January 11, 2023
Advanced Persistent Threats (APT)

Most cyber attacks are by ‘chancers’ hitting a lot of targets and hoping to find a common vulnerability somewhere to exploit. Advanced...

548 January 11, 2023