Cyber Security Assessment

Our CSA (Cyber Security Assessment) is for organisations looking to ensure that their IT infrastructure and associated services are secure. We utilise a strategic approach to improve security across an organisation, gaining assurance within existing controls and identifying opportunities for improvement.

Why Data Connect

Strategic Roadmap Designed To Highlight Ongoing Security Improvements

Bespoke To Your Organisation

Security Is What We Do All Day Every Day

Support from our Experienced Cyber Specialists

The Elimination Of Low Hanging Fruits, Minimising The Window Of Exposure

External Verification From An Independent And Experienced Body

Continued Support & Resources To Achieve Business Goals

Maximise Investment and Tune Current Security Solutions

What to Expect

The CSA is conducted by a Cyber Security professional through observation, interviews and technical assessment. By using tools available to security consultants and hackers alike, we evaluate in-place or absent security controls.

The findings from the CSA will be delivered during the engagement, in a written report and available within our vSOC Connect Console. 

A strategic roadmap will be provided where ongoing improvements will be highlighted to mature your cyber security posture. Cyber security impacts multiple departments, which is why our reports are created to be user friendly with one method being a cyber ‘score card’. 

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The CSA is a great opportunity to work towards the Cyber Essentials accreditation. Our experienced security experts integrate governmental and industry frameworks within the assessment to benchmark your security controls against the industry standards.

Cyber Essentials is a government backed scheme that gives assurance that you care about cyber security to board members, suppliers and customers.

vSOC Connect Console

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