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Virtual Security Operations Centre (vSOC) Services

The requirements to secure your environment have become ever more complicated. As attackers have had to resort to more advance techniques, the solutions to prevent them have also become more convoluted and the management of them more specialist.

Implement all the Functions of a Dedicated SOC Team, Avoiding Huge Upfront Investment Purchasing Equipment or Hiring Specialists.

All of our vSOC Services come with management options from fully managed, through to Software as a Service backed up with ONE Support. In addition to your chosen vSOC Services all customers benefit from the following:


Security Analysts

Our Incident Response Team analyse log and system information to identify anomalous behaviours and potential security threats.


HTML 5 Dashboards

A ‘Single Pane of Glass’ HMTL 5 based dashboards. Ideal for large screens for operational teams or tablets .


Security Engineers

Experienced security engineers available to help ensure your technology is fully functional and advise on technical queries.


Alert & Notify

Automated alerting on critical security, performance events or even specific behavioural anomalies.

Advanced Security Operations Centre

Data Connect offer cloud-delivered SIEM-as-a-Service, SOC-as-a-Service, Managed Detection & Response (MDR) and related protective monitoring services.



Maintaining and storing log and/or alert data for historical investigation and to meet regulatory compliance requirements.



Fully customisable reporting system to bring to life the data and help team and management conceptualise data.


Compliance Packages

Built-in compliance packages for ISO 27001, GDPR, SOX, PCI and many others as well as industry best practice.



Real time analysis detects suspicious behaviour or unauthorised system changes. Utilising a combination of machine learning, system rules and trained security analysts.


Intrusion Detection

Monitor the network for malicious activity relating to potential security threats or policy violations. Gain visibility and control over network based attacks.


Deception Technology

A fabricated deception network of decoys to lure attackers into revealing themselves. Serves as an early warning system whilst gathering threat intelligence.


Vulnerability Management

Identifying, classifying and prioritise vulnerabilities across your infrastructure. Mitigating the risks associated with software vulnerabilities and configuration issues.


File Integrity Monitoring

Validate the integrity of operating system and application files. Whether for regulatory compliance or to maintain system integrity, protect critical files and systems.


Phishing & User Awareness

The Human Firewall Approach. With over 85% of attacks via email, train your users what to look for and how to respond. A continuous phishing and user awareness program.


Device Management

Security technology is only as good as the configuration allows. Ensure your security investments are optimally maintained and utilise the skills of our technical operations team.


Multi-Factor Authentication

Utilise multi-factor authentication to protect your systems against common password attacks. Requiring more than one method of authentication to verify the user’s identity for a login or other transaction.


Network Access Control (NAC)

Restrict access to your systems and networks to trusted devices. Prevent devices being casually plugged into your network and accessing your systems without prior approval or assessment.

Flexible Managed Services

Managed Firewalls

We offer managed firewall services, giving you the confidence that your devices are being maintained by industry certified experts.

Managed Networks

Allow us to take over management of your network devices. These are often a point of weakness that can be remedied with simple configuration changes.

Managed Content Security

With experience in industry leading technologies, we can ensure your content security solutions are performing at their best.