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Discover Security Vulnerabilities Before Attackers Do

Whether your organisation has a legal or compliance requirement for penetration testing / security auditing, or wants an evaluation of potential security weaknesses/ vulnerabilities, Data Connect provides a full range of testing services. Each service is designed to provide invaluable insight and risk assessment so you can take the necessary steps to fine tune your security controls or move forward with a strategic plan for improving your Cyber Security defences.

We believe to truly understand cyber related risks organisations need expertise from a trusted partner that not only has skills in numerous cyber security disciplines but also understands business factors. The Data Connect team have extensive understanding of defensive security strategy and technology as well as offensive security techniques. We have experience working strategically with customers of all sizes across multiple industry sectors.

  • Consultants with pen testing & every day security knowledge
  • Ability to test and remedy
  • Detailed friendly report of findings
  • Results highlighted in a simple to follow scorecard

  • Sharing of knowledge and experience to improve overall security awareness
  • Recommendations for immediate improvement
  • Establish a security roadmap for ongoing efforts
  • Free security review meeting upon completion

Strategic Roadmap

Our CSA (Cyber Security Assessment) is for organisations looking to ensure that IT infrastructure and associated services are secure. We utilise a strategic approach to improve security across an organisation, gaining assurance within existing controls and identifying opportunities for improvement.

It is conducted by a Cyber Security professional through observation, interviews and technical assessment using tools available to security consultants and hackers alike to evaluate in-place or absent security controls.

Benefits of the CSA:

  • Gain clarity on potential risks
  • Measure security controls against industry standards
  • Identify gaps across technology, people, processes
  • Performed by a penetration tester, with real world IT Security experience
  • Strategic roadmap included

Assess From The Inside

We find many penetration test results are similar year after year. This is because it is hard for organisations to make overarching strategic improvements off the back of their usual pentest report. To help organisations, we’ve developed a pre-pentest service, looking at your infrastructure to see what improvements can be made ahead of a pentest and a plan on how to implement them. This reduces the amount of low hanging fruit, allowing the pentester to focus on higher value, harder to find vulnerabilities.

Instead of spending time trying to hack your organisation from the outside we work with you from the inside. Reviewing security procedures and controls, talking and listening to your team to understand where the security risks are and finally taking you through some of the penetration testing process to determine effectiveness of what you have.

Ultimately we’re making the penetration tester work harder to find vulnerbilities within your environment, meaning you’re getting better value for money. #ReversePentest

Benefits of the #ReversePentest:

  • Gain clarity on potential risks
  • Measure security controls against industry standards
  • Identify gaps across technology, people, processes
  • Performed by a penetration tester
  • Easy to follow, actionable report

Offensive Security

The objective of an offensive security assessment is to obtain an ‘attacker’s eye view’ and assess an organisation’s security posture, discover weak links in the infrastructure and provide recommendation and remediation guidelines to help mitigate these risks.

We work with some of the penetration testing industries finest and highly respected consultants and organisations that we use to meet our customers needs on Web Applications, Infrastructure, Mobile Device, IoT and Wireless testing available.

Benefits of Penetration Testing:

  • Assess your systems from an attackers perspective
  • Test how robust your security defences are
  • Asses new software or systems prior to deployment
  • Meet compliance requirements
  • Use as part of a continuous improvement strategy

Defence In-Depth

Using a combination of automated tools and “eyes on” manual review techniques we can compare your system configurations to vendor best practices and identify system improvements.

This service is designed to quickly find issues that can lead to security breaches or compliance violations.

We can compare your system builds to documented standards such as those prescribed by the National Institute of Standards & Technology, (NIST), the Center for Internet Security (CIS) and vendor recommended guidelines.

Benefits of System Reviews:

  • Improve overall system security
  • Ensure you adherence to a governance framework
  • Weed out bad configuration and vulnerabilities
  • Identify deviations from industry best practices