Remote Working – Essential Security Tips

For those customers who are having to make significant changes to their working practices and prepare for remote working then please take a look at this Mobile and Remote Working Policy Template.

These are some other essential security tips.

Essential Security Tips for Remote Working

  • Employees taking desktops home instead of laptops must consider security implications as these devices are no longer protected by the company’s firewall.
  • Can your systems handle the extra volume of remote traffic? i.e. Firewall
  • Have you thought about additional licensing you made need?
  • If you do expose any services to the Internet, then please ensure they are adequately protected. Limit access where possible and ensure public facing systems and applications are secured correctly using things like multi-factor authentication.
  • In some cases, you may be considering allowing users to utilise their own devices (BYOD) to facilitate remote working. Consider a web-based VPN solution or virtual desktop solution where available to restrict access to required applications. You may be able to implement further restrictive capabilities within your cloud bases SaaS such as O365.
  • Use full disk encryption on any device that is off the network.
  • Ensure devices are protected by anti-malware software and mechanisms are in place to allow them to receive updates whilst off network.
  • Patching remains important so again consider how you can ensure software patches are applied remotely.