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ONE Support

Many IT teams are suffering from limited resource and limited time. These limitations are preventing them from maintaining staff that could be considered subject matter experts on every type of device within their infrastructure. Data Connect can help. With Data Connect ONE Support, we can offer an enhanced vendor support service for all the products within our portfolio. This allows you to benefit from subject matter experts on the product we offer, who also have a deep understanding of your environment and working practices.


We can provide you with a one-stop-shop for your security infrastructure, reducing the need to maintain support details for multiple vendors and reducing the complexities your IT team face.



98% of our tickets are resolved without the need for vendor escalation for the year 2017-2018.



Of the 2% of tickets that were escalated to vendor, 100% were solved internally before a vendor solution was provided.



For the year 2017-2018, 100% of our customers renewed their ONE Support services with Data Connect.


Our ONE Support offering is designed to compliment Vendor support. When you purchase a security product, it is often a requirement to purchase vendor support irrespective as to whether or not you purchase reseller support.


With this in mind, ONE Support is designed to act as a hybrid, allowing you to raise tickets with the vendor directly for bug related issues, but also benefiting from the speed of our Data Connect support.

Benefits of One Support:

  • High resolution rate without vendor interaction
  • Vendor certified professionals
  • Experienced security professionals
  • Expedited resolve times
  • Mediated vendor escalation & actions to save time


For our customers, when it comes to Cyber Security concerns, we are a one stop shop for assisting when it is needed most.


There are other benefits beyond the practicalities of having a single partner supporting all your cyber security infrastructure, such as having access to a team of skilled security professionals looking after your cyber security well being. The more visibility we gain the better we can help you protect your organisations against cyber threats.

Benefits of ONE Support:

  • Single place to log support issues
  • Access to familiar engineers
  • Specialists with knowledge of your systems
  • A true extension to your team