AIM for Cyber Security Transformation

We help organisations evaluate and improve their Cyber Security posture. Through a “hands on” approach we help maximise technology investment, identify gaps and effect improvement. Our revolutionary services ensure roadmaps and standards are monitored and maintained on a continual basis.


Review and identify key security areas of risk. Seeking out opportunity for improvement and closing those security gaps. Road map to success!


Driving improvement leveraging our expertise across the Cyber Security arena, through strategic consultancy and industry leading technology.


Services designed to assist with Cyber Security responsibilities. Maintain and mature existing controls with continuous improvement.

What we do


Strategic roadmap designed to highlight ongoing security improvements


Security is what we do all day every day


The elimination of low hanging fruits, minimising the window of exposure


Continued support & resources to achieve business goals


Our experienced staff can provide assurance by minimising risk


External Verification From An Independent And Experienced Body

vSOC Connect Console

Laptop vSOC Dashboard View

With the vSOC Connect Console, you have full visibility of your organisation’s Cyber security posture. The single pane of glass includes details of interest to all stakeholders including vital security metrics, strategic cyber security improvements and remediation tasks. The complex work carried out by our security specialists is presented in an user friendly format, with the use of a traffic light system to give an overall view at that point in time. 

Our all-in-one platform provides the tools required to effectively monitor and manage your organisation’s cyber security. Find out how our other managed services are integrated into the console below. 

vSOC Team

Cyber security is our core, it’s  what we do all day every day which is why our dedicated SOC team is an invaluable part of our service.

A problem many organisations face is having access to solutions that create reams of data, but limited resource and experience to analyse it. By working with Data Connect, your organisation can have assurance knowing you have access to sophisticated resources and an experienced SOC team that understand current cyber security trends and has a full grasp on the threat landscape.

Cyber Security Focused

Cyber security is our expertise and our aim is to protect your organisation.

Experienced SOC Team

Certified to work with leading technology and vendors

Tech & Human Driven

The technology is only as good as the tuning, our vSOC team gives you the best of both worlds.

End to End Protection

Prevent, detect, analyse and respond to security incidents.

Other Managed Services

vSOC CERT Data Connect



Use our Cyber Essentials Review Tool to stay compliant, monitor vulnerabilities, track progression & view remediation requirements
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vSOC Manage

vSOC Manage

vSOC Manage

Managed infrastructure gives peace of mind that systems are up to date, configured and backed up with support from our SOC
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vSOC Recon

vSOC Recon

vSOC Recon

Assess, Prioritise and Manage Software and Configuration Vulnerabilities
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VSOC Alert

vSOC Alert

vSOC Alert

Proactive threat monitoring, adhere to compliance requirements and breach detection
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vSOC Aware

vSOC Aware

vSOC Aware

Reduce the Risk of human error with our Awareness Training & Phishing Simulations
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