Data Connect have always believed in and delivered high levels of service and we are incredibly proud of our technical team. All the consultancy work we do is delivered to ensure your exposure to risk is reduced and your security posture improved. Security is at the core of everything we do.

Our consultants are an integral part of why our customers work with us and stay with us. We ensure they are all exceptionally able and experienced technically but it’s as important to us that they also have the ability to apply their knowledge constructively in the real world and different environments.

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vSOC Connect

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We developed vSOC Connect Console to give customers one singular platform to pull together all their cyber security resources.  The console is a place where we combine the best in technical and human knowledge, giving your organisation the ability to see ongoing consultancy work and technical services together. 

A recent expansion also gives you the ability to pull third party resources into the portal. 

At Data Connect, we do not believe in a ‘product only’ approach. All our consultancy and managed services reflect this providing you ongoing business assurance.   

We are constantly reviewing new technology and developing relationships with vendors, to give you the best advice and support currently available in the industry. 

Multiple dashboards available for different departments: manage all cyber security projects, compliance aid, executive dashboards, cyber security strategy and roadmaps to drive project success. 

vSOC Team