Cyber Essentials Plus

With Cyber Essentials Plus, reduce the risk of attack and show your stakeholders that you take cyber security seriously.

Unlike with the basic Cyber Essentials certification, a certification body must perform an audit to check that you have successfully met all 5 technical controls. The specifications needing to be met can raise many unknown questions within your organisation’s current security health. However, by opting for the audited Cyber Essentials standard, you can feel confident that a cyber security focused company can support you through the process and verify your answers.

What To Expect

Data Connect are a certification body for both Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus. We have an experienced, certified & professional tech team and powerful tools to help make your journey to certification simple.

To obtain the government backed certification, the technical controls themes that your organisation must meet are firewalls, secure configuration, user access control, malware protection and patch management.

As the threat landscape evolves, the technical requirements can be updated by IASME (governing body) to reflect new security vulnerabilities. An organisation needs to reapply for the Cyber Essentials certification every 12 months, this validates that your current security protocols are effective in the current threat landscape.

By working with Data Connect, you can can be confident that your organisation is protected and has reduced the risk of attack from the most common cyber threats.

Certification Benefits

Assurance That Your Organisation Is Protected Against 80% Of Cyber Attacks

Opportunity To Bid for Government Contracts And Other Projects That Require Cyber Essentials

Increase Your Credibility by Showing Partners And Customers That You Take Cyber Security Seriously

Better Understanding of Your Scope And How To Further Develop Your Cyber Security Strategy

Reduce Insurance Premiums as Various Providers Now Ask If You Are CE Certified

Eliminate Low Hanging Fruits to Minimise The Risk of Attack


Streamline Your Certification Process with the Cyber Essentials Review Tool

Ongoing Cyber Security Visibility

Immediate Bolstering of Security

Continued Business Assurance

Identify Critical CE vulnerabilities​

Access to Security Specialists

Return on Your Investment

Streamline the Recertification Process​

View, Allocate & Manage Remediation Tasks

User Friendly & Sleek Dashboard Design

Check Instantly if Still CE Compliant​

Five Technical Controls in One Dashboard

Cyber Security Roadmap Visibility

vSOC Team

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