Crypto Jacking


Are you protected against crypto mining attacks or is someone using your systems without your knowledge?  Crypto mining is looking to be the single biggest risk we face in 2018 as the latest cyber crime affects some of the largest internet platforms including YouTube. For those who don’t know crypto mining is used to gain crypto currency which is digital legal tender.

Unlike other forms of cyber crime such as those posed by ransomware crypto mining is designed to be stealthy in its nature to prevent system owners from detecting mining activity. Comparatively to ransomware its extremely prevalent on a ratio of 1 ransomware attack per 100 occurrences of crypto mining attacks. The reasons behind this are that infected machines start generating money for the attackers on day 1 as appose to ransomware which may or may not result in a pay day for the attackers. See the article for further information and talk to us about how we can help protect your organisation against the latest threat!

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